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EagleAge Consulting, LLC is a Human Resources (HR) Consulting firm, focused on evolutionizing Government i.e. we take our clients through a step-approach to deliver scalable HR solutions. While we specialize in government agencies, we continue to do work with the private sector. At EagleAge Consulting, we remember that HR is about people - knowing their needs, understanding their needs, and managing their expectations to deliver value to them and the organizations they work in, at the end of the day.

We leverage our combined and diverse experience of long-standing government relationships and knowledge assets, private sector strategies and process skill sets that have proven successful, to provide solutions (market offerings) to Government HR.

We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients by delivering quality, reliable, timely, cost-efficient and innovative HR processes and solutions. We are devoted to seeing our clients through the end of each HR lifecycle phase. Our core values are centered on integrity, respect, teamwork, and collaboration with our client. These values have only proven successful time after time, and it allows us to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients in this market place. Our client service teams provide personalized, responsive service, regardless of the size or activity of our client.

Our Consultants can help your agency or organization fulfill its Human Resources' goals in the following core areas:
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Please call us at (301) 602-2424 or e-mail us at: info@EagleAge.com for initial consultation and description of your business case.

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