We help our clients ride the electronic wave

EagleAge Consulting is aware of the challenges that our clients are facing due to delays in web-enabling their HR functions. EagleAge Consulting is committed to diagnosing the agency's current processes and helping our client to integrate their HR processes with technology. We know that it is not enough to install a new piece of software, without integrating the people and processes in the workable big picture. We are devoted to developing a holistic solution to help our clients cut cost, increase service levels and maintain the integrity and quality of personnel data. We provide the following value services to our clients:

  • Perform an HR diagnostic on the current HR processes and agency culture
  • Collaborate with the client to design and develop future HR processes
  • Develop recommendations for change management and implement change management processes
  • Provide training to HR personnel
  • Collaborate with our technology back-end (SIS, Inc.) to put HR processes on-line
  • Integrate/Convert data in existing legacy systems
  • Automate Records storage
  • Automate Personnel action processing and updates
  • Technical architecture design
  • Create a centralized repository for Employee and HR Specialist accessibility
  • Eradicate repetitive processes such as filing and re-filing
  • Reduce the degree of error such as misplacement of files/pages, re-copying of faded documents
  • Setup Call centers with Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM) to handle HR lifecycle questions/issues
  • Application deployment-CRM, ERP and best-of-breed software solutions
  • Mail processing On-line
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Please call us at (301) 602-2424 or e-mail us at: info@EagleAge.com for initial consultation and description of your business case.

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