HR Records Management
Fragile! Handle with care - Mr. Smith's life history is in your hands

EagleAge Consulting, LLC is dedicated to helping government agencies manage and maintain employee records by obtaining necessary employee forms, storing them accurately, and adhering to any guidelines that the agency may be subjected, for auditing and security purposes. We thrive on quality and security of the employee record, and constantly apply innovative solutions suitable for the agency, to increase efficiency. EagleAge Consulting's CEO has deep skill sets and experience in delivering and managing quality records for one of the initial government agencies to outsource their HR function (TSA).

We can deliver the following Records management services to your agency:
  • Maintain Records according to the OPM guideline (if under the OPM jurisdiction)
  • Liaison with external entities to obtain, transfer and dispose of records
  • Acquire scanning and storage solutions to create electronic records and images
  • Prepare, organize and "sanitize" documents for scanning
  • Apply quality management to records to ensure the integrity of personnel folders
  • Develop indexing, easy retrieval and data manipulation processes for records maintenance and usage
  • Collaborate with agencies to obtain security clearances required to handle confidential personnel records
  • Develop supply-chain processes to make records accessible to agencies and employees at any stage of the Records lifecycle i.e. from the hardcopy stage to the electronic stage
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